Last Tuesday we arrived back at our SFS center in Costa Rica after a seven-day trip to Nicaragua. This international excursion is difficult to summarize because our schedule was jam-packed with new and wonderful experiences. The first few days we spent on Ometepe Island, which is located in Lake Nicaragua. Staying on Ometepe was incredible because the island is in the middle of the largest lake in Central America and it is composed of two volcanoes. The island was filled with natural beauty. Not often have I been greeted every morning with a view of a volcano! Plus, the sunsets were brilliant over the lake. Every night at 5:45 pm I would sit on the beach and watch the glowing red sun sink below the horizon.

Apart from the natural wonders, we also had the opportunity to experience part of the culture. Several women from the Ometepe Foundation taught us how to make corn tortillas, and after attempting to make them we got to sample our own creations. So delicious!

The last few days of the trip we stayed in Granada, a city on the shore of Lake Nicaragua. Granada was colorful and bustling. The buildings ranged in color from turquoise, to coral, to squash yellow. La Calzada was a road lined with restaurants and shops, and until late in the evening it was filled with all sort of people, such as vendors, street performers, and tourists.

Overall, the trip to Nicaragua was fantastic. It was a great chance to experience the culture and environment of a different Central American country.

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