The final phase of the semester, the Directed Research (DR) project, is well underway. The DR projects are the culmination of a semester of smaller field exercises and reports. Recently we returned from a week of conducting research in the field. Each professor led a team of seven students in a unique study. Professor Edgardo Arevalos took students to Carara National Park to investigate the impact that roads have on bird noises. Professor Mary Little’s team sought to assess the sustainability of development and tourism in Santa Teresa, a beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula. Lastly, Professor Achim Hager led a study of how various aspects of woody species diversity and composition is related to soil and above-ground carbon sequestration on coffee farms near Atenas.

Since returning last Wednesday, students have been busy analyzing data and contextualizing their investigations using available literature. Students will present their findings on Saturday before the program ends on Wednesday the 7th.

Professor Achim’s DR group at El Toledo coffee farm

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