Jambo! Our first month in Tanzania has been an incredibly exciting and eye-opening experience. Every day is filled with new opportunities, new learning experiences, and new perspectives. Even after a month, I am still amazed by the beauty of the country, its people, and the many cultures we’re exposed to on a daily basis. The locals of Rhotia village, along with the SFS staff, professors, and students, add to the uniqueness of the program and truly make Moyo Hill Camp a home away from home.

We recently had our first family homestay in Rhotia. Students traveled to each home in pairs and spent the day preparing meals, herding livestock, collecting firewood, playing games, and getting to know our host families. While we’ve had several opportunities to learn, understand, and adjust to the cultures and livelihoods around us, the homestay provided an immersive experience and glimpse into the daily lives of local community members.

Yosvany Rodriguez and I got to spend the day with Mama Martias Gobray and her family. We spent the morning playing games with the children—Jenifa, Lusia, Junia, and Karen—drinking tea, and helping prepare lunch. It’s amazing how much time goes into cooking and preparing meals! After lunch, Albert (Junia’s father) took us to his farm, showed us his livestock and how they’re herded, and later took us to meet his grandmother. Yosvany and I spent the rest of the day interacting with different family members and befriending the children (once they warmed up to us). We were so fortunate to have spent the day with such an amazing homestay family and sincerely look forward to keeping in touch with them throughout the semester. Thanks for letting me share one of the many incredible experiences we’ve had during the program!! Tuonane baadaye!

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