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Devin Foxall

Devin Foxall


New Hampshire, USA

Contact Info
dfoxall@fieldstudies.org 978.219.5119

M.A. in International Relations and Economics
School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University (DC, USA)

B.A. in English
Dartmouth College (NH, USA)

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Devin Foxall

Director of Institutional Relations


Staff Profile

Devin Foxall graduated from Dartmouth College in 2003 with a degree in English and a vague idea of exploring the world. He spent the next five years traveling across the globe, setting foot in 40 countries on five continents. For much of this time, Devin worked as a freelance reporter covering events in conflict and post-conflict countries such as Afghanistan, Laos, Somaliland, Rwanda, Iran and Bosnia. Following this, he spent a summer on an island in Maine writing a book about his travels, and how young people and small communities survived difficult circumstances. Devin also returned to Afghanistan to work with an NGO operating four schools for girls in Kabul.

Afterward, he spent two years in Washington, DC, pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations with a focus on development and environmental issues. During graduate school, he worked for Mercy Corps in Niger developing strategies to target food insecurity. After graduate school, he served as the Africa admissions counselor for SIT Study Abroad, helping refine the research projects of students studying biodiversity and natural resource management. He joined SFS in June of 2014 and became Director of Institutional Relations in 2017. From his travels and work overseas, Devin learned that how we manage our resources and co-exist with our environment is the defining question of our century. Finding future environmental leaders, and helping them gain international field experience, is his guiding motivation.