Posted: November 16, 2017
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A Letter from the Wet Tropics


Dear prospective student,

To whomever is reading this, whether you are stuck in the library studying for a big exam, browsing the SFS website in your room, or doing research into your choice of study abroad programs, try to imagine this: you look up from your computer screen not to see a wall but an open vista of dense green rainforest and a bright, deep blue sky. Parrots dart through the surrounding trees, cockatoos soar across the blue sky, and a brush turkey saunters about the lawn. Maybe a monitor lizard even marches through the grass, or a pademelon hops through the brush. This landscape is alive, and you are a part of it. Not only for the moment that you’re imagining this, but for an entire semester. You have the opportunity and privilege to learn and experience all there is to learn about the Wet Tropics.

If what you are seeking from your study abroad program is an immersive and valuable experience, then SFS Australia might be the perfect program for you. However, be prepared for changes in what you consider normal. Classes will extend beyond the classroom into excursions, field exercises, and daily observations of the environment around you. My advice to you is to embrace these changes and come into the program with an open mind. I guarantee you will learn a lot!

Unfortunately, my time here is coming to a close, but the bittersweet feeling is replaced with hope for future students like you. A hope that you will come to Australia and experience the wonders of the Wet Tropics just like I did.


Fan palms spread throughout the canopy in the Daintree Rainforest. Photo courtesy of Colby Prokop


Student Sam Goss traverses the bridge in Yungaburra’s Allumbah Pocket, on his way to volunteer in town. Photo courtesy of Colby Prokop


A tree frog helps the students with their laundry. Photo courtesy of Louisa Goss

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