By: Lauren Hoglin

Posted: May 12, 2023
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Advice for future tanzania students!


My name is Lauren Hoglin, and I am currently finishing my semester with SFS in Tanzania. I am from Park City, Utah studying Integrative Biology and Visual Arts at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. I have absolutely loved my time here and really don’t want to leave this place or these people. But if I were to give a piece of advice to future students, I would say try to be present as much as you can. It sounds cliche, but the semester goes by faster than you can imagine, and you will never regret making memories with the other students and the staff. This means staying curious, asking questions, attending ReKAP, helping out around campus, playing volleyball and soccer, looking for wildlife on game drives, and so much more. It might be taxing to be present sometimes, but showing up will make the semester unforgettable!

All the students of SFS Tanzania Spring 2023!

Another SFS specific piece of advice I have is to make ReKAP fun! At the beginning of the semester ReKAP might seem daunting, but some of my favorite memories have been from ReKAP questions and presentations that people have made. There is no limit to what the questions or presentations can be so get creative! We’ve done everything from movies to talent shows (this one was SO much fun) to night games to Scattergories. It is the perfect time to get to know more about your fellow classmates and to involve the staff.

A scene from our talent show night

No matter how you choose to engage, I can guarantee you will have a life changing semester and experience incredible things!


Curious about SFS Tanzania? Click here to read more.

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