Posted: October 31, 2012
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Carnivores Feeding in the Serengeti


Our Serengeti Expedition was more than anything I could have hoped for! The aspect I found most exciting was observing animals feeding. Two examples in particular were incredibly fascinating. We saw a pride of lionesses and a few cubs in a distance feeding on what seemed like a buffalo. It was an amazing sight to experience such a large group of carnivores eating and sharing. The way they go about feeding is so much different than how we feed. They all just stood around the kill and dug in to this one gigantic buffalo that they probably spent a lot of time hunting.


We also saw a leopard feeding. It was found in a baobab tree just chilling on a branch when we noticed that it was enjoying a nice brunch that looked like a gazelle. This was my favorite part because it was so different than what we usually saw; herbivores feeding or carnivores lying in far distances. We got to witness a crucial part of the everyday life of two carnivores. There is something about seeing these activities in real life that is much more beneficial than just learning about it in classrooms and textbooks.

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