Posted: February 26, 2019
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Costa Rica: What’s the Food Like?

Costa Rica

¡Buenos días from SFS Costa Rica!

My name is Mark and one thing you should know about me is that there are few things that make me happier than good food. Based on this, it’s no surprise as to why I am so happy here. The first thing that I must mention is how gallo pinto (rice and beans) will become your best friend for the duration of the program and to be honest, you won’t be mad about it. There is also never a short supply of fresh fruit around especially considering you can pick your own organic oranges off the trees on your way to the kitchen or back to the dorms! One of my favorite foods prepared in the kitchen are plantanos. Plantains can be found as an option in most meals whether mashed, fried, or baked. My other favorite part of meal time at the center is the various fruit juices that the cocineras (cooks) provide. From the Costa Rican guava fruit, cas is a staple here and one of my favorite juice in rotation. Another common side dish to the buffet style meals is a big bowl of mixed salad that varies from day to day. Oh, and don’t be afraid to throw some of that house special green dressing on any or everything that might need some extra flavor.

Away from the center there are a good amount of options in town ranging from a quick taco near the park to a cozy sit-down meal at Restaurante Antaño. Now, the most unusual thing I have eaten so far has to be a granadilla. This orange/yellow colored fruit is round and fits in the palm of your hand. The gelatinous pulp surrounding the seeds on the inside is pretty sweet and a crowd favorite. One surprising thing I have discovered is my affinity towards tomatoes here. Some people think I’m crazy for finding a difference between these and the ones back home, but I genuinely enjoy these ones and go out of my way to get them on my plate whenever possible. That just goes to show that you should go out of your way to try all foods, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like! My closing words of advice are to keep an open mind, not only when it comes to adjusting culturally, but also when enjoying the amazing Costa Rican cuisine.

¡Buen provecho!


Classic breakfast menu


Did someone say Meatless Monday?


A colorful spread, as usual…peep the cas!


Don’t forget to bring your Tupperware


If you’re lucky, local folks will prepare the freshest fruit you’ve ever had in your life before giving you a tour of their farm!


Keeping cool with lemonade at Restaurante Antaño one of our Sundays off!

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