Posted: April 24, 2019
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Crowdfunding for Faculty Research

Costa Rica

SFS’ 2019 Faculty Research Crowdfunding campaign is underway! The campaign launched yesterday morning with the goal of raising money for two of our faculty members to purchase new research equipment. Dr. Edgardo Arévalo (Professor of Tropical Ecology, Costa Rica) and Dr. John Kioko (Professor of Natural Resource Management, Kenya) were selected for this year’s campaign.


Dr. Edgardo Arevalo, left, and Dr. John Kioko, right.

So far, we have been overwhelmed by the response! In just hours, donations poured in from alumni who were thrilled to support their former faculty members. One donor posted her motivation: “I am a SFS alum from 1989 – Monteverde, Costa Rica. That experience changed my life, and I am happy to support SFS and the work it does! Good luck!”

The Projects

Dr. Edgardo Arevalo, Costa Rica
Dr. Edgardo is conducting his 12th year of research on the impacts of roadway noise on bird communication in some of Costa Rica’s national parks. Dr. Arevalo and his students will capture bird calls in areas adjacent to roads using audio recording devices. Read more about his project and support his research.

Dr. John Kioko, Kenya
Dr. Kioko will conduct the first-ever comprehensive biodiversity assessment in the Kimana Wildlife Sanctuary in southern Kenya. Dr. Kioko and his students will use camera traps and night vision equipment to monitor wildlife activity in this important community-managed wildlife corridor. Read more about his project and support his research.

These campaigns are off to a great start, but our work is not yet over! Help support our faculty by donating and spreading the word. And stay tuned for updates on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

→ Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica and Wildlife and Water Studies in Kenya

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