Posted: April 13, 2012
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Days in the Field


Name: Cecelia Leweri
Academic Program Assistant
Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania

Our days in the field started early, for the students had to take part in different wildlife exercises including observing giraffes and elephants as well as counting birds. The first day was mainly for game drive and exposing the students to the exercises. As part of the learning experience, one of the early afternoons was packed with an interesting guest lecture where the students learned the responsibilities, challenges and successes of the Serengeti National Park management. The late afternoons were spent on game drives where we had opportunities to spot most of the carnivores that provide the uniqueness of the Serengeti plains. Leopards and cheetahs were amazing on this trip.

On Sunday 8th April (Easter Sunday) our students took part in homestay. They spent their day time in the Iraq host families. This gave them an opportunity to immerse themselves and experience the new Iraq culture and lifestyle which is quite different from their experience with the Maasai host families in Kenya. The chance to learn some of the challenges they are facing was also the aim of the visit. The students were also able to enjoy the African Easter celebration for most of them reported to have been busy preparing food for the whole afternoon and enjoyed the famous spicy food ‘pilau’ and meat.

In the next few days the students will start Directed Research.  Students will be in the Tarangire – Manyara Ecosystem studying wildlife utilization patterns and species ecology, effectiveness of wildlife conservation, as well as exploring the role of tourism as package and incentive to communities to participate in wildlife conservation. Our students are now working on their research proposals as part of their DR preparations.

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