Posted: July 31, 2017
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Diversity in All Its Splendor

Costa Rica

As we have sprinted through the first three weeks of Summer Session I, busy with field trips and one week of research in the field, it is incredible to look back and remember all that we have seen. Our students come to Costa Rica with many images portrayed by social media, marketing firms and news. When they arrive and throughout their time in-country you can sense their excitement and enthusiasm for exploring this small yet extremely diverse country. Fortunately, all that they came expecting to see and experience is fulfilled, as we explore the landscapes and ecosystems, and encounter a whole variety of plants, animals and insects.

As cliché as it might sound, in Costa Rica pictures do speak a thousand words, including the emotions and insights our students gain as they delve into Costa Rica. Enjoy the myriad colors, shapes and forms of what we have been lucky enough to encounter along the way!

Red Poison Dart Frog at El Progreso sustainable farm

Green Poison Dart Frog

Students feeding pigs at El Progreso sustainable farm

Professor Mary Little holding a grasshopper

Butterfly leaving its cocoon and preparing to fly for the first time

Red-eyed Stream Frog spotted on a night hike at Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Nature Reserve

Owl Butterfly at Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Nature Reserve

→ Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica

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