Posted: January 31, 2020
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Funding Study Abroad


With SFS, you will engage with local communities and get your hands dirty while working alongside SFS faculty to help solve critical environmental problems. SFS helps you develop real-world leadership skills, critical thinking skills, and practical research skills unlike anything that you could develop in a classroom on campus. Our alumni tell us that SFS programs change their perspectives, priorities, majors, and sometimes even their career choices (for the better!).

While studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime, paying for it, much like paying for college, may seem daunting, confusing, or just plain impossible at first. Don’t let your first look at the costs of studying abroad prevent you from applying to SFS. SFS is firmly committed to helping all qualified students to have the benefit of our programs. Remember that 90% of students who apply for SFS aid receive it!

Here’s how it works: SFS works closely with your college to help you fund a program. Each institution is different, but many allow students to use institutional financial aid for SFS programs. That’s why it’s important to speak to both your study abroad advisor about your intention to study with SFS and your financial aid office to understand what aid you can apply to your program. Your study abroad office or your major’s department may also have information on special scholarships or grants you can apply for.

Even if you don’t receive aid on your home campus, you may be eligible for SFS financial aid! Our financial aid committee compares the total cost that you pay to attend your college with the total cost of studying abroad with SFS. If there is a gap between these costs, SFS tries to meet your need.

SFS alumni and other donors generously contribute to a fund of $650,000 to be used for financial aid. When you submit your SFS financial aid application, you’re automatically considered for 13 scholarships, grants, and loans.

SFS’ financial aid offerings are as varied as the SFS students they assist. Below is an overview of all of our scholarships, grants and loans. For more information, visit the SFS Financial Aid page. We have also compiled a list of external scholarship opportunities you may be eligible for, here. Questions? Email us anytime at admissions@sfstransfer.local

Scholarships and Grants

  • Pell Grant Match Award: SFS matches Federal Pell Grant funding to students who use their Pell Grant to pay the cost of an SFS semester program.
  • Trailblazer Grant: Available for students attending the Cambodia, Peru, or Bhutan semester programs in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017
  • Diversity Scholarship: To broaden the participation of minorities, underrepresented groups of students in study abroad, and first generation college students. (Requires a personal statement.)
  • Heritage Scholarship: Available for students with a cultural and/or ancestral connection to the country in which they plan to study abroad with SFS (Requires a personal statement.)
  • Stephen F. Lee Memorial Scholarship: Available for students seeking a marine program (Turks & Caicos or Panama).
  • Heather Jo Leibowitz Memorial Scholarship: Available for students who have a commitment to making a difference in the lives of resource-dependent communities in East Africa.
  • McKee Scholarship: Available for financially deserving students.
  • Tozer Scholarship: Available for financially deserving students.
  • Fountain Scholarship: Available for financially deserving students who have spent most of their lives in an urban environment whether in the US or abroad
  • Roy A. Hunt Foundation Scholarship: Available for financially deserving students.
  • Travel Grants: SFS offers a limited number of travel grants to qualified students to help offset the personal cost of travel to SFS programs.

Optional Loans

  • Zero-Interest Loans: Available for students enrolled in SFS summer or semester programs.
  • Low-Interest Loans: Available for students enrolled in SFS summer or semester programs.

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