By: Courtney Pickett, M.P.A.

Turks and Caicos Islands
Posted: March 22, 2019
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Host Family Day

Costa Rica

Buenas Noches from SFS Costa Rica!

I want to utilize this space and time to highlight one of SFS Costa Rica’s best cultural immersion activities – Host-Family Day. Being here in SFS Costa Rica is like being part of one big family of academics and scientists that are learning to think, breathe, and act sustainably.

Beyond La Universidad La Presa (SFS Costa Rica’s nickname here in Costa Rica), there is a rich cultural, musical, and gastronomical world that waits to be explored. Every semester, SFS Costa Rica students spend an entire day with a local family and get to fully live the life of a local ‘tico family (short for Costa Rican). My personal experience with my host family was incredible and I encourage future students to be excited for this amazing opportunity.


My host mother, Patricia, reaching out of her kitchen window- reaching for lemons from the lemon tree in her backyard to make a homemade lemonade


Another kitchen-window view at my host mothers house in Atenas, Costa Rica – 15 minutes down the road from the SFS Center


My host mom, Patricia, cooking Papusas – a typical Nicaraguan dish (her husband is Nicaraguan) that is pretty much thick pancakes stuffed with different ingredients like refried beans, cheese, different meats and peppers


Learning how to make Papusas with my host sister, Charlotte!


Coming out of a concert with 5 other SFS CR students and our host mothers, Patricia and Vicky

→ Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica

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