By: Sigrid Heise-Pavlov, PhD

Posted: March 14, 2016
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Nuestras Familias de Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Now into our second month here in Costa Rica, I think I can speak for the group in saying that we have all fallen in love with this beautiful country and feel comfortable, even almost “at home,” here at the Center.

Adding to this new feeling of belonging, yesterday each of us had the incredible opportunity of spending the entire day with a local family. Despite the nerves we all felt preparing to meet our new families, we knew it would be an unforgettable experience and one that would create memories to last a lifetime.

I was blessed to spend the day with a family of six who lives just a three minute walk from the Center. Diego, Anielka, and their children openly welcomed me into their home, and within the first few minutes of arriving my Costa Rican mom, Anielka, already referred to me as her daughter for the day. It was such a comforting feeling to be so warmly welcomed into the home of a family whom I had just met, and I immediately gained four more siblings.

Although conversation was difficult at times because of the slight language barrier, our day was full of laughter and joy. I helped to make lunch and Anielka graciously taught me how to make tortillas! Even though mine didn’t turn out so well, the experience was so fun and is something I hope to share with friends and family back home. By the end of the day, I really felt like part of their family. Yesterday is a day I will never forget and I am so grateful for this amazing experience and my new family here in Costa Rica.

→ Sustainable Development Studies Semester Program in Costa Rica

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