By: Sarah Ellingson

Posted: June 12, 2023
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Remote Sensing for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in Bhutan

During Spring break, the Bhutan Center for Climate and Sustainable Futures collaborated with SERVIR, NASA, and officials from the US State Department to organize a practical weeklong capacity building program. The program focused on utilizing satellite imagery and machine learning in the Google Earth Engine framework to map Bhutan’s agro-ecological zones. The training was coordinated by SFS faculty and welcomed 25 government officials and researchers from the Royal University of Bhutan. The aim was to enhance their skills in ecological mapping and promote sustainable practices in Bhutan’s agricultural landscapes.

Photo provided by Sonam Phuntsho, Program Manager, SFS Bhutan.

Harnessing the Power of Remote Sensing
By utilizing satellite or airborne sensors, remote sensing captures crucial data about the Earth’s surface, offering valuable insights into vegetation health, land cover, and soil moisture.

Empowering Informed Decision Making through Capacity Building
One notable outcome of the training program was the creation of detailed maps depicting Bhutan’s agro-ecological zones, accomplished through the application of satellite imagery and machine learning techniques. These maps optimize land utilization, enhance agricultural productivity, and promote sustainable food production. They equip Bhutan with the ability to analyze extensive datasets, enabling informed decision making in agriculture planning and climate change adaptation.

Embracing the Future
The collaboration between Bhutan, SERVIR, NASA, and the US State Department fortifies Bhutan’s capacity for climate-resilient agriculture. By leveraging remote sensing technologies and expertise, Bhutan can optimize agricultural planning, bolster food security, and effectively adapt to changing climate conditions. This partnership lays the foundation for sustainable development and ensures a secure future for Bhutan’s agricultural sector.

Photo provided by Sonam Phuntsho, Program Manager, SFS Bhutan.

Photo provided by Sonam Phuntsho, Program Manager, SFS Bhutan.

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