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By: Laurie Black

Posted: July 27, 2023
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SEA and SFS Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Environmental Education and Research on Land and at Sea

[Boston, July 5,2023) – Sea Education Association (SEA) and The School for Field Studies (SFS) are pleased to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership aimed at enhancing environmental education and research on a global scale. This collaboration brings together two renowned organizations with a shared commitment to creating environmental leaders by fostering undergraduate research, conservation, and experiential learning in the fields of marine and environmental studies. This partnership will increase the impact and contribution of both organizations by offering a broader scope of research sites, opportunities for faculty collaboration, and the development of new student programs.

SEA, a world leader in undergraduate oceanography and environmental studies programs, has been at the forefront of interdisciplinary research and education for over 50 years. Its innovative approach combines classroom instruction on its Woods Hole campus with hands-on experience aboard tall ship research vessels and/or in coastal communities in the Atlantic and the Pacific. With a focus on topics including climate change, marine biodiversity, and coral reef conservation, SEA creates ocean scholars and leaders in a range of fields.

SFS, recognized for its excellence in field-based environmental learning and research, offers undergraduate programs that explore the ecological, political, and social dimensions of complex environmental problems in diverse ecosystems around the world. With a network of field stations spanning six continents, SFS empowers students to address critical environmental challenges through field research, community engagement, and policy development.

Jim Cramer, SFS President, stated that “addressing our current climate crisis requires real-world experience to address real-world problems. The partnership between SFS and SEA leverages the complementary strengths of both organizations to set the standard for academically rigorous, interdisciplinary, field research-oriented study abroad in marine and terrestrial ecosystems.”

SEA President John Wigglesworth added “During this period of consolidation in education abroad and off-campus study programs, SFS and SEA enter this partnership as two mission-driven, environmental and research-focused organizations. Both non-profit entities have always shared organizational cultures and values based on intentional program design, clear learning outcomes, respect for local communities and knowledge, and reinvestment in programs and students.”

Several initiatives under this partnership include collaboration to expand teaching and research opportunities for faculty and visiting researchers; symposia and events focused on environmental protection, education and research; and working with colleges and universities nationwide on innovative approaches to environmental education, field research and the communication of science.
Together, SEA and SFS are committed to empowering the next generation of leaders, scientists, and advocates in the fields of marine science and environmental studies.

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