By: Amanda Freeman, PhD

Posted: January 11, 2013
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SFS Students on a Summer in the Field


On Field Practicum on Public Health & Environment, Kenya:
“Classes in epidemiology and Kenyan public health standards and practices have made me think critically and have been truly engaging. They are positively preparing us students for conducting research in the community to determine if community health workers positively affect the health of the community they’re serving.” (Kristen McReath, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
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On Rainforest Management Studies, Australia & New Zealand:
“For the past two weeks, I have spent my time learning about local flora, fauna, culture, and history in New Zealand. My time has been spent in the classroom, learning from teachers who have grown up in New Zealand and Australia; in the field, being taught the importance of nature conservation and steps being taken to conserve the New Zealand rainforest; and in the city of Auckland, learning about New Zealand history and about the native New Zealand people, the Maori.” (Dave Ealy, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
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On Techniques for Rainforest Research, Australia:
“As they finish their work and reluctantly prepare to go back home, students look back over the last four weeks with the satisfaction of knowing that the people they met, the moments they shared, even the tears that they cried, and their overall experience here in the land Downunder will be one that they will never forget.” (Wilson Andres Acuna, Tufts University)
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On Techniques for Wildlife Research, Tanzania:
“Just the other day we visited Tarangire National Park. It was there that I saw one of my favorite animals, the giraffe (or twiga in Swahili) in the wild and really close!” (Sarah Peterson, The Ohio State University)
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On Applied Research Techniques & Strategies Towards Sustainability, Costa Rica:
“My Directed Research project for the next few weeks will give me the opportunity to continue looking into the values, income, and education of the local people and see how we can help them to find sustainable ways to use water and facilitate trash elimination and recycling. I’m excited to improve my Spanish-speaking skills and help develop policies for maintaining a cleaner environment, particularly in the local Mathias River.” (Caitlin Chestnut, Ohio Wesleyan University)
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On Marine Protected Areas: Management Techniques & Policies, Turks & Caicos Islands:
“This experience was indescribable. On my flight home, I feel that it is really going to hit me that I just did something that most people cannot say they’ve ever done.” (Michelle Upham, Colby-Sawyer College)
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On Himalayan Forests, Watersheds, and Rural Livelihoods, Bhutan:
“The data sheets were muddy, wet, and wrinkled from the rain the day before, the pencil faintly visible. But they were getting filled in. The team worked together, calling off numbers and tossing each other the measuring tapes. The local guides answered our questions as we worked, and helped identify both native plants and extraction techniques.”
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