Posted: January 9, 2019
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Steps Forward


Looking forward to the New Year, we are hopeful for the future.

As the leading environmental study abroad provider, SFS recognizes the importance of making our programs accessible to the broadest possible range of students.

Our program model, which employs full-time faculty and staff at permanent SFS centers around the globe, is not an inexpensive one. We must ensure that our centers have the resources to provide each student with the best possible academic and life experience, but we remain sensitive to the impact of program cost on students.

At our highest student enrollment numbers in 20 years, we are proud to be able to continue to invest in our centers and student opportunities, while also decreasing or holding steady the cost of our programs. In addition, this year, we have eliminated our application fee, simplifying the application process and removing an upfront barrier to students.

These are small steps forward. But with climate change and other threats to our world growing stronger, these steps renew our commitment to educating a wide and diverse cohort of environmental leaders and I am confident that these leaders will be up to the challenge of building a better world for generations to come.

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