Posted: March 27, 2012
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The Famous Switch. Karibu!


Name: John Warui Kiringe, Ph.D.
Position: Associate Professor in Wildlife Ecology
Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya

Kibo was capped in snow and Mwenzi stood as a spire against the bright blue sky. Four green Land Cruisers convened in a jigsaw formation and the newly arrived students stood out of the hatches taking notes. The students have completed the famous switch. 26 familiar faces left for their new home in Tanzania and 28 new faces have arrived to their new home in Kenya. Karibu!

Our new students have spent seven weeks in Tanzania learning about the ecosystem, management and policies there. They are now being introduced to the Kenyan side of things. From carrying capacity to habitat sustainability and community development in the group ranches to riverine systems, the faculty covered many topics on the traveling lecture. The students are able to collect an abundance of information and add their own opinions to dive into conservation, management, and policy issues.

We head to Lake Nakuru National Park in a few days. A very different National Park compared to Serengeti National Park. Yet, a compatible experience, giving the students a chance to compare and contrast wildlife management techniques and park management strategies between Kenyan and Tanzania.

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