Language and Culture of Italy

SFS 2031

Language and Culture of Italy

2 credits

Language and culture are critical elements in the understanding of any system of food production and distribution. This course provides students the opportunity to learn and practice essential elements of Italian, and the important cultural values, norms, and behaviors that shape attitudes toward the role of food as a basic civil right, and as an essential expression of life and culture in Italy.

Students will learn basic communication and some basic grammar, but will in large part be learning based on their goals—with specific vocabulary and interactions designed to allow them to interact in specific fields.

For this reason, students will participate in activities involving young Italians and their families. The idea is to be part of a program called “Cucina for English” where students can help Italian students with homework and conversation in English in change of family dinner. During the visit to the Italian families participating to the program, students can practice their Italian language and learn cooking skills. It will be enjoyable and a great opportunity to get closer to the Italian family traditions.

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Sustaining Traditions: Food, Farming, and Climate

15 Weeks
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Fall 2024
Sep 1 - Dec 12
Spring 2025
Jan 27 - May 9