Language, Culture, and Society of Costa Rica

SFS 2080

Language, Culture, and Society of Costa Rica

2 credits

This course contains two distinct but integrated modules. The Spanish language module offers listening, oral, and written practice of the Spanish language at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of proficiency. Students engage in oral and written grammar and vocabulary exercises, and develop Spanish language skills and tools required for their research projects. The sociocultural module helps students to develop a more refined understanding of Costa Rican culture and the various communities with which we work. Students participate in lectures, field exercises, and other activities that teach them strategies and skills for working with people in a community-based research context and help them to assist with community extension projects.

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Ecological Resilience Studies

Costa Rica
15 Weeks
18 Credits
Fall 2024
Sep 4 - Dec 15
Spring 2025
Jan 27 - May 9