Marine Megafauna Ecology

SFS 3722

Marine Megafauna Ecology

4 credits

This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to undertake research and monitoring of marine megafauna species of conservation concern. Working with cetaceans and sea turtles as keystone species, all aspects of the process are covered, including the knowledge on their biology, ecology and threats, design of monitoring protocols and advanced methodologies, data handling and analysis, and interpretation of results and communication. Students gain experience in boat-based data collection (GPS tracking, photo-identification, tissue collection, theodolite, aerial surveys, UAVs, tagging), but also on independent lab work where students, under supervision, learn basic and advanced data handling and analysis techniques and software (MS Excel, R, GIS, mark-recapture, SOCPROG).

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Sea Turtles and Marine Mammals of the Adriatic

15 Weeks
18 Credits
Fall 2024
Sep 2 - Dec 11
Filling Fast
Spring 2025
Feb 3 - May 13