The Jillian Wiener Memorial Scholarship Fund honors the exceptional life of Jillian “Jilly” Wiener, a member of the spring 2022 Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) program at SFS. Upon arriving at the Center for Marine Resource Studies, Jillian was the catalyst in transforming a group of 30 strangers into a tightly knit community with unbreakable bonds of affection and respect. With a contagious enthusiasm and joy, Jilly led her classmates in group yoga at sunrise and sunset, offering encouragement and support. Her indominable spirit, commitment to the environment, and profound respect for the wonder and majesty of the sea animated her life. She represented the very best of her generation through her leadership, the courage of her convictions, and an unbounded kindness and respect for others. Jilly has an enduring impact on the many lives that were immeasurably enriched by having known her.

The Jillian Wiener Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to the TCI program applicant who best exemplifies Jilly’s commitment to the marine environment, and her leadership, courage, and service to others.

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