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Emily Bischoff

Emily Bischoff

Health and Wellness Manager
B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies
Brandeis University, MA, USA
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I am a recent graduate from Brandeis University, where I majored in biology and environmental studies. I am also an alumnus of the SFS Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies program in Panamá (Fall 2021). As a Health & Wellness Manager, I am excited to help contribute to students having experiences that were as positive and impactful as my own!

During my semester in Panamá, I had the opportunity to conduct socio-ecological research with Dr. Cinda P. Scott. I was then able to continue engaging in the research for my senior thesis at Brandeis, “Evaluating Local Stakeholder Perspectives of Mangrove Ecosystems in Bocas del Toro, Panamá through an Ecosystem Services Framework.” This work focused on community perspectives, especially indigenous perspectives, when valuing local ecosystems and assessing complex impacts of foreign development on local stakeholders and environments. I am interested in continuing to engage with similar topics in the future.

I am very passionate about environmental justice and increasing equity in STEM education. During my time as an undergraduate, I was able to develop these interests by conducting research in the Biology Education Research Lab at Saint Louis University and by mentoring STEM Posse scholars at Brandeis. I was also engaged in activism on campus throughout my time at Brandeis, especially through student campaigns for fossil fuel divestment.