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Francisco Javier Aguirre González, PhD

Francisco Javier Aguirre González, PhD

Resident lecturer of Earth System and Climate Science
Puerto Natales, Chile
Ph.D. in Antarctic and Subantarctic sciences
Universidad de Magallanes (Punta Arenas, Chile)
Civil engineer, geographer
SFS 3601 Earth System and Climate Science
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Faculty Profile

Dr. Aguirre is a civil engineer, geographer, and mountain climber who is passionate about science in Patagonia, focusing on the interactions between the atmosphere and cryosphere geosystems and their impacts on environments and communities. Much of his research examines questions of glaciology and hydroclimatology in a variety of environmental contexts. He also likes to review and validate new methods and their implementation to evaluate hydroclimatic variability and impacts on atmosphere-cryosphere interactions. Dr. Aguirre grew up in Central Chile, between the high Andes and agricultural fields, and his professional experience includes private companies, government agencies and research groups. He has worked in Patagonia in collaboration with different interdisciplinary researchers and government institutions, examining the cryosphere and climate change.

Prior to joining SFS, Dr. Aguirre implemented a Long-Term Ecologic Network measuring greenhouse gases (GHG) as a member of the Cape Horn International Centre (CHIC) of the Universidad de Magallanes (UMAG). These stations evaluate ongoing changes in the region’s hydroclimatic systems as well as Patagonian environmental responses. Dr. Aguirre also is part of the Centro de Investigación Gaia Antártica (CIGA) of UMAG, working as postdoctoral researcher in the project “Development of a prototype alert system to reduce the impact of glacier-related flood events (SAGAZ)”.

Dr. Aguirre received his doctorate from the Universidad de Magallanes, where he studied in an interdisciplinary program in Antarctic and Subantarctic Science, in which he focused on glaciology and climatology, and their interactions with terrestrial ecosystems in southern Patagonia. One goal of his studies was to give tools and answers to regional decision-makers about future climate change scenarios, and he continues with institutional collaborations, such as with the Dirección General de Aguas (DGA) and the Antarctic Chilean Institute (INACH).

Academics & Research

Research Interests

  • Glaciology and hydroclimatic modelling
  • Climatology and climate modelling
  • Data science and GIS
  • Remote sensing

Professional Activities

Centro de Investigación Gaia Antártica (CIGA) of Universidad de Magallanes (2017 – to present)

Cape Horn International Centre (CHIC) (2020-2022)

Scientific Department, Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) (2017-2022)

Ecology and Biodiversity Institute (IEB) (2019-2022)



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Grants and Awards

2020 – Monitoring network for carbon, methane and other greenhouse gas in the southernmost forests and peatlands in the world.

Chilean National Agency of Research and Development (ANID)


Snow cover variability in Brunswick Peninsula, Patagonia, derived from a combination of spectral fusion, mixture analysis and temporal interpolation of MODIS data.

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Snow variability in southernmost Patagonia by a combination of spectral fusion and mixture analysis with machine learning approach using the Google Engine platform.

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