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Natalie Ritter

Natalie Ritter

Waterfront Assistant
South Caicos, TCI
B.A. in Biology
Whitman College (WA, USA)
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Working in the realm of marine biology and conservation has been my ambition ever since I could hoist myself onto the rocks of a tide-pool. I’d spend my nights as a kid skimming over my worn-out animal encyclopedia that I had read and reread hundreds of times. Since then, I’ve had many amazing opportunities that have allowed me to further explore what a career in marine biology would look like. I spent time working at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito California which gave me a glimpse into animal care and rehabilitation. Being able to see the short- and long-term effects I was having on the seals and sea lions being released from our program made for a very rewarding experience and gave me a sense of purpose.

I furthered my education at Whitman College in Walla Walla WA, earning my undergraduate degree in biology. During my time there, I chose to study abroad with SFS CMRS because — if you know anything about where Walla Walla is — it’s probably one of the farthest places from the coast in the state of Washington. This program changed the way I approached research and made me realize just how important community participation and engagement is in the realm of science. As soon as I completed the program, I made my plan to return as part of the staff and worked on my divemaster program while home in Washington. I am so thrilled to rejoin the community on South Caicos, to assist with research, and to spark the same joy I found here in each and every student! When I’m not diving and enjoying the salty depths, I love spending time reading, swimming, and sharing laughs with friends.