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Paola Goich

Paola Goich

Center Director
Degree in Tourism
Los Lagos University Temuco (Chile)
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Paola was born in Punta Arenas, Chile. When she was 17 she studied abroad in the US and lived the experience of being away from her family and friends in order to follow her first big dream: learn another language and culture. She lived in Spokane WA for about a year, finishing high school there.

Upon finishing school, Paola decided to pursue a degree in English in order to be able to work as a translator. Her English studies enabled her to work for different companies as an interpreter. Paola then decided to carry her knowledge of English and translating into the tourism sector in Patagonia where thousands of visitors go every year. There is where her love for the outdoors started. Paola became a mountain guide and started to work in the Torres del Paine National Park. Her experience riding horses helped her get to know the area even better.

Her 7 years in the Torres del Paine National Park showed Paola that this is where she wanted to be, so she moved to Puerto Natales to start her own business creating trips for students who wanted to experience Patagonia in a different way. She created a 20-day program related to nature and Patagonian horse culture for students.

Paola is now the Center Director at SFS Chile, and is able to mix a bit of everything she has learned along the way, giving her the chance to show students her hometown in a unique way.