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Rodney Lobo

Rodney Lobo

Academic Assistant
Atenas, Costa Rica
B.S. in Forest Engineering
National Technical University in Atenas (Costa Rica)
B.S. in Wildlife Management
National Technical University in Atenas (Costa Rica)
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Staff Profile

Rodney is a passionate conservationist committed to the protection of the natural resources. To achieve this goal, he has chosen to start at the local level by collaborating with community development associations and promoting projects that contribute to environmental conservation in Atenas.

Rodney obtained 2 bachelor’s degrees, one in Forest Engineering and another in Wildlife Management from the National Technical University in Atenas. He works as an academic assistant at SFS, where he supports all community management projects, both academic and extension. In addition, he utilizes the center’s facilities to spearhead sustainable production projects in partnership with students and staff. These projects serve as a powerful tool to educate the community about the relationship between our food choices and the conservation of natural resources.

Rodney’s work is rooted in a deep commitment to sustainable production, participatory research, and environmental education. Through his efforts, he hopes to inspire others to help protect our planet’s precious resources for future generations.