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Himalayan Environment and Development Studies
Jesse_Lewis Bhutan (1) cropped
Faculty Post

In the Footsteps of the Divine Madman

by Jesse Lewis, M.S.

Descending the 10,170 foot (3,100 m) pass of Dochu-la the towering trunks of Himalayan Hemlocks and spruce rise out of the cool misty air. Ferns, orchids and wispy strands of moss hang from the trees as we tunnel through dense...
July 18, 2018
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Costa Rica
Sustainable Development Studies
Britton Costa Rica
Student Post

Space for My Identity in Costa Rica

by Alyssa Britton

Lightning flashed far away, too distant to hear, illuminating the night sky a rich purple for a fleeting moment. The bridge I stood on swayed with the rhythm of my professors’ and classmates’ steps, the rush of the Sarapiqui River...
July 18, 2018
Australia Bridget_Gilmore - Prime Family Land_banner edit
Rainforest Studies
Bridget Gilmore Australia CROPPED
Staff Post

The Treaty of Waitangi and Ruapekapeka Pa

by Bridget Gilmore

Students with our Summer I program recently spent ten days in New Zealand. For three nights, we slept at a marae, a fenced in complex of buildings, with the Prime family. In this cross-cultural experience, students and staff lived with...
June 21, 2018
Bhutan Fiona_Lowry - Thimphu view
Himalayan Environment and Development Studies
Lowry Bhutan
Student Post

Bhutan Adventure

by Fiona Lowry

The moment I stepped off of the plane in Paro, Bhutan my lungs filled with air so clear and fresh I felt like I had never breathed air before in my life. We have had over a week to settle...
June 15, 2018
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Conservation and Development Studies
Angela Hessenius
Staff Post

Lessons from the Tonle Sap

by Angela Hessenius

Lessons from the Tonle Sap Lake: Hope in Times of Transition Five students, one intern, one professor, and two translators get in two fiberglass boats on a shallow, muddy stream. It’s not long until our boats get stuck, so we...
April 25, 2018
Panama Carolyn_Kovacs (1)
Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies
Carolyn Kovacs
Faculty Post

Directed Research in Panama

by Carolyn Kovacs, M.S.

The last four weeks of program at SFS are composed of Directed Research (DR). During this time students work with one of the Center's four professors on a research project specific to that field of study. We have some students...
April 20, 2018
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