Giraffe Ecology Conservation

SFS 3253

Giraffe Ecology Conservation

4 credits

The Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an iconic species in the woodlands of Africa. As the world’s tallest land mammal, they have a widespread distribution across southern and eastern Africa and have a profound influence on the structure and dynamics of landscapes where they co‐exist with other species. Historically, giraffes ranged widely across much of the African continent, but they are now confined in national parks and reserves, conservancies, private ranches, and community land. Over the past three decades, giraffes across Sub-Saharan Africa have experienced a 30% population decline, with fewer than 80,000 individuals now surviving in the wild. In this course, students will learn and examine multiple aspects of giraffe ecology and conservation in Africa, especially in the Kenyan Amboseli, Nakuru, and Maasai‐mara landscapes. This learning process will be achieved through classroom interactive learning sessions, experiential field activities, class discussions and lectures by Faculty and various guests.

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Summer Session 1

Giraffe Ecology and Conservation

4 Weeks
4 Credits
Summer 2024
Jun 2 - Jul 1