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Center for Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies

Covered in lush rainforests, hundreds of mangrove islands, and coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life, the Bocas del Toro Archipelago serves as a living laboratory for studying tropical biodiversity. This chain of islands is populated by everything from hummingbirds and howler monkeys to stingrays, dolphins, sloths, and brightly colored poison dart frogs. At first glance, Bocas is nothing short of paradise. However, climate change and increased tourism on the...

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Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies

Spend a semester in the dynamic community of Bocas del Toro, where you will experience everything from underwater ecosystems to rich green rainforests. Go behind the scenes of this “paradise” as you study the impacts of tourism and development on the unique habitats of this island system. Evaluate local and national environmental policies and study the principles of sustainability and conservation as part of an in-depth field research project. Learn More

Fall 2020

Aug 31 - Dec 11


Spring 2021

Jan 26 - May 7


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Tropical Island Ecosystems: The Human Impact

On this summer study abroad program, snorkel and hike through the diverse environments of Bocas – from coral reefs and mangroves to beaches and rainforests – and study human impacts, such as tourism, on the island’s ecosystems and communities. Meet the local residents who depend on both tourism and natural resources and learn about current approaches to sustainable development in the archipelago. Learn More

Summer 2021

May 31 - Jun 30