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Billy Schoel

Billy Schoel

Health and Wellness Manager
B.S. in Biology
Davidson College (NC, USA)
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Hello! My name is Billy and I’m the Health & Wellness Manager for SFS Bhutan. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, I graduated from Davidson College with a degree in biology and a minor in public health. I’ve always been an explorer, and some of my personal interests include music, hiking, swimming, photography, and any kind of game.

I first traveled to Bhutan as an SFS student in the spring of 2022. My experience of Bhutanese culture in the face of COVID, as well as my directed research on generational livelihoods and resilience, transformed my perspectives on health, happiness, and the environment. As a professional, I’ve worked in educational roles in elementary schools up through college, but I’ve been eager to return to Bhutan as a Health and Wellness Manager for SFS. I’m excited to welcome all the incoming students to the Land of the Thunder Dragon not only for its unique and breathtaking environment, but also for the beautiful and resilient culture that sustains it!